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Master thief Master gatherer Master lumberjack Master crafter Master fisher

Third Life
Gatherer & Lumberjacking
Tough & Perceptive

2022-11-07, 10:36:42 AM Chalce has become a Master Lumberjack!
2022-11-07, 10:36:42 AM Chalce lumberjacked at the Center of the World and found Ash Tree Branch.

Second Life
Crafter & Fisher

2015-02-16, 08:18:38 AM Chalce made Stunning Mosaic.
2015-02-16, 08:18:38 AM Chalce has become a Master Crafter!

2015-02-23, 01:28:01 PM Chalce fished in a vast ocean and found Treasure Chest.
2015-02-23, 01:28:01 PM Chalce has become a Master Fisher!

First Life
Small in size, but not in intelligence.  She's a sneaky little thief :3

Chalce thieved at a bakery and found Apple Pie, Flour.
Chalce thieved in a secret garden and found Aging Root, Carrot.
Chalce thieved in an office building and found Coffee Beans.

Chalce is a five-year-old female in Onyx's House.
Level: 67
Masteries: Master Lumberjack
Favorite Flavor: blueberry
Favorite Color: green

Born on Feb 1, 2017

Yinyang Has been reincarnated 3 times.