Standard 19

Onyx > Citrine

Master gatherer Master miner Master lumberjack Master crafter Master fisher

Fourth Life
Dexterous & Intelligent
Cooking & Gathering

Third Life
Fisher & Gatherer
Dexterous & Intelligent
Fishing & Gathering

Second Life
2015-01-06, 02:46:24 PM Coeus mined on a floating mountain and found Unobtanium, Green Leaf.
2015-01-06, 02:46:24 PM Coeus has become a Master Miner!

2015-02-18, 08:57:10 AM Coeus made Stunning Mosaic.
2015-02-18, 08:57:10 AM Coeus has become a Master Crafter!

First Life
2014-08-05, 05:43:28 PM Coeus lumberjacked at the Center of the World and found Ash Tree Branch, Green Leaf.
2014-08-05, 05:43:28 PM Coeus has become a Master Lumberjack!

Citrine is a four-year-old male in Onyx's House.
Level: 55
Favorite Flavor: fish
Favorite Color: green

Born on Oct 10, 2018

Yinyang Has been reincarnated 3 times.