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Pietersite in her former hamster graphic with her Psypets item The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword. Drawn by Psypets user Catalinarr


Pietersite has a history that goes far before TerrePets.  Pietersite is a pet I own on Psypets also.  On Psypets, Pietersite is the oldest pet I own, having been born on February 5th, 2005 at 05:56:46am.  She was a wonderful crafter and I have raised her on TerrePets to once more be the wonderful crafter she was.

Psypets History

Her original name was Peanut, but I changed it to Pietersite, the name of a stone, to continue my pet naming theme.  I had found her in the Pet Shelter, but it was so long ago that I do not remember when.  She was already a very good crafter when I adopted her.  Several years ago, as I was playing with a Deck of Many Things, her graphics got changed to:

Once Ben changed the cost of changing a pet's standard graphic to only 50 favor, I splurged and changed her back to her original hamster graphic (Apr 16th, 2010).  Over a year later, I got a custom pet image of a squirrel made by Ruff and applied it to Peanut and at the same time changed her name to Pietersite (Nov 27th, 2011).  The colors of the custom pet graphic model the colors of the stone pietersite.

Third Life
Strong & Perceptive
Athletics & Mining

Second Life
Dexterous & Witty
Stealth & Thieving

2017-11-12, 10:21:18 AM 3 Pietersite has become a Master Thief!
2017-11-12, 10:21:18 AM 3 Pietersite thieved at a dragon's hoard and found Dragon Scale and Gold Coin.
2018-03-19, 11:13:13 AM 7 Pietersite thieved at a dragon's hoard and found Ruby.

First Life
2015-02-16, 11:49:12 AM Pietersite made Stunning Mosaic.
2015-02-16, 11:49:12 AM Pietersite has become a Master Crafter!

Pietersite is a four-year-old female in Onyx's House.
Level: 48
Favorite Flavor: orangish
Favorite Color: orange

Born on Mar 20, 2018

Yinyang Has been reincarnated 2 times.